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Welcome to Feel Good Tech – Technology Blog.

This blog is aimed at those interested in technology, anything from computers, the Internet, gadgets, smart phones, Operating Systems and software to web design, music technology and even retro technology!

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Feelgoodtech has a new life!

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I recently realised I still had the blog files and database on my host for this site and discovered the domain was available so I renewed it and want to give it new life. The last post was April 27th, 2012 so well over 2 years ago. I’m looking forward to posting new stuff and hopefully revamping it into something worthwhile! 🙂



Abstraction 1996-2001

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OK… not really technology related… although it is in a way as it was produced with computers and studio gear but anyways here’s the ABSTRACTION MIX 1996-2001

HoloDesk – Direct 3D Hologram Interactions

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This is an amazing video showing a new hologram interaction technology. It allows users to interact with 3D objects. Pretty cool stuff and comes from who else but Microsoft.

Man Has Nokia Phone Embedded In False Limb

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“A British man born with one arm has a Nokia phone dock embedded in his prosthetic limb. Apparently, Apple refused to have an iPhone suitably customized for the job. From the article: ‘Mr Prideaux, of Wedmore, Somerset, said: “I think this is the first time this has ever been done in the world – and it is brilliant. I can now take calls and make texts just by using my one hand, while the phone sits inside my arm. The phone slots smoothly and securely within my limb and is easily removable, when required. I think this would help a lot of people with prosthetic arms – especially those who were not born with the disability. People who have had motorbike crashes and soldiers who have lost limbs – they could all benefit from this.”‘”


Trevor Prideaux sought help from medical experts and communications chiefs at Nokia to build the special prosthethic
Trevor Prideaux sought help from medical experts and communications chiefs at Nokia to build the special prosthethic

From Slashdot

MC Hammer Announces New Internet Search Engine WireDoo

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Quite an interesting story is that old school rapper MC Hammer is releasing a search engine which supposedly links terms and keywords with information (called ‘deep search’).

Currently it’s not available to use and it’s only in Beta testing but I’ve signed up to find out what’s in store 🙂

MC Hammer at web 2.0 summit
MC Hammer at web 2.0 summit

I’m not expecting a Google killer but it does sound interesting and an unlikely person to launch such a thing. I wonder if the button next to search will say ‘Hammer Time’ instead of  ‘I’m feeling lucky’ !? 🙂


Below from Mashable:

MC Hammer has announced WireDoo, a new search engine focused on “deep search” and relational topics.

Most search engines are built on links and keywords, explained Hammer at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Google and other search engines aren’t as strong at connecting keywords to related topics — something he called relationship search.

Hammer explained a search for a car is not just about the car, but about the model, the mileage, the specs and even the zipcode (you likely want to buy from a local dealer). A search for a home is related to the surrounding community, schools, neighborhood condition and other related concerns.

“It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords,” Hammer said on stage.

To address this issue, Hammer launched WireDoo, with the tagline is “Search once and see what’s related.” The rapper and entrepreneur didn’t reveal much more about the search engine, beyond that it can bring up related topics to a search query in multiple verticals, including finance.

Steve Jobs Dies at 56

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The Apple legend Steve Jobs has died from cancer at the age of 56. Very sad news indeed. Steve has given so much to the world and technology.

For me it wasn’t necessarily Apple’s more recent development I found ground breaking (iphone, ipad, ipod etc…) but let’s not forget the Apple IIs, NeXT and the struggle of the early years, with out all that computers might be quite different.

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

iPhone 4s – It’s been released, now what…?

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OK, so the iPhone 4s has finally been ‘Keynoted’ (yes; I just made up a word) and the specs etc, for Apple’s upcoming iPhone are out. They seem pretty good. Not as great as some of the “it’s going to be wafer thin and have a 48 hour battery” rumours that were going around; but pretty cool nevertheless. For those of you who are yet to turn on your TV, open a newspaper and have that morning conversation with your friend; the main changes may not be known to you. The more obvious changes (not software related) are the inclusion of an 8MP camera, the Dual A5 Processor and charge retention cycle on the battery. There’s no changes to the physical appearance of the machine and, at the moment, it seems they are still only being released in Black or White.

The big changes, due to the new processor, are going to be better hi-end graphics ability that will allow faster, and more descriptive, gaming and will allow Full HD 1080p video recording. This, in itself, is pretty cool if you use your phone as a serious gaming platform and as a camera. Personally these won’t effect me too much. I have a DSLR camera for taking pics (and full HD video) and several games consoles already. All I want from my phone, games wise, is Angry Birds. :-)

iOS 5, the new operating system Apple will be releasing for their ‘i’ range, is what excites / concerns me more. The system seems to come with a couple of new programs that many people will like. I’m not quite sure, however, if I’ve found any that jump out at me just yet.

iCloud will be one that many people are attracted too. This will ensure that all your ‘i’ products are synced together. This is very cool but I use my ipad in a different way to my iphone. I don’t necessarily need to have PDF copies of Rulebooks etc also copied to my phone. This is also the case with movies and music. My iphone has my music on it, my ipad stores my movies etc. If there’s any documents etc that I need then I can access them through Dropbox. Dropbox support is much more important to me as all my editing is done on my computer; in a file structure I have already set up. I don’t want to have to drag things into iTunes just so they are then also on my iPad etc. (i’m only guessing these steps are required. iTunes may allow you to designate folders for synchronisation)

I’m looking forward to some of the smaller upgrades being released with iOS5. Applications like iMessage (an ‘i’ equivalent of Blackberry’s BBM) should be quite cool though, I believe, will only allow you to chat to other ‘i’ machines. Most people in my social group already use iPhones so this could be quite cool. Unless it is lighting fast and has nearly no processor usage, however, I think I’ll be sticking to Whatsapp for a little longer. The email upgrades, basic support for formatting etc, will be greatly appreciated as will some of the OS controlled camera mechanics.

I think many people will be looking to purchase the new phone. Especially those that heldback on buying an iPhone or those that are still using the 3Gs range. I don’t think I’ll be upgrading any time soon though. I’ll hold off for the iPhone 5 or the iPad3… 🙂

From Benbarling.com

New Linux Action Show Out s17e07

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Great new episode of the Linux Action Show is out.

Linux Action Show
Linux Action Show

Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Motorola Xoom, runs Linux‬‏ – Debian!

Android Pick:
Paint Commander
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room

Linux Pick:
Linux App Picks so far. Thanks to Madjo!

Toyota Joins Linux Foundation
Microsoft now pursuing Chrome OS patent license deals
Microsoft seeking royalties from Samsung potentially worth $200 million a year
Introducing Update Packs in Linux Mint Debian
Novacut Pro Video Editor by Novacut Team — Kickstarter
Could You Do Linus’ Job?
Illumination Software Creator adds WebOS, HTML5

AROS Broadway:
Goal: create an open source OS as compatible as possible to AmigaOS 3.1, but which can be ported to various CPUs: x86, 68k; PowerPC, Alpha, SPARC, MIPS.

AROS Broadway homepage
AROS Research Operating System – Wikipedia


LulzSec hacking group announces end to cyber attacks

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A hacker group that has attacked several high-profile websites over the last two months has announced that it is disbanding.

Lulz Security made its announcement through its Twitter account, giving no reason for its decision.

A statement published on a file-sharing website said that its “planned 50-day cruise has expired”.

Lulz Sec Group
Lulz Sec Group

The group leapt to prominence by carrying out attacks on companies such as Sony and Nintendo.

Broadcasters Fox and PBS, the CIA, and the United States Senate have also been cyber-attacked by the group.

As a parting shot, the group released a selection of documents apparently including confidential material taken from the Arizona police department and US telecoms giant AT&T.

Correspondents say LulzSec’s announcement could be a sign that its members are nervous because of recent police investigations, including the arrest of a British man suspected of links to the group, and efforts by rival hackers to expose them.

Read More: BBC

June 2011 issue of The PCLinuxOS Magazine Released!

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PCLinuxOS Magazine
PCLinuxOS Magazine

Great magazine which can be read online or you can download the PDF. I really enjoy reading this mag. This months articles:

* WindowMaker On PCLinuxOS: WindowMaker Internals, Part 1

* Using Scribus, Part 6: Templates & Master Pages

* Backup Basics, Part 2: Using Clonezilla Live

* FOSSCOMM 2011: Patras, Greece

* Video: Part 7 – DVD2Xvid

* Video: Part 8 – AcidRip

* Xbindkeys: Stopping, Editing & Restarting With wbar

* Firefox Add-ons: Image Zoom

* The Linux Landscape: A Sea of Confusion?

* Using PCLinuxOS on Older Hardware

* Photo Viewers Galore, Part 2

* Alternate OS: Icaros, Part 4

* And much more!

READ IT HERE! PC Linux OS Magazine

Microsoft Demos Windows 8, New Interface

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Some videos Microsoft demoing Windows 8 can be found here: allthingsd.com

They say it will work just as well on a touchscreen device as a desktop pc with a mouse and keyboard. I’m not sure about it. Possibly better to have a tablet version. This looks to me like Windows 7 with a media centre touch screen menu.

Icaros Desktop Reaches Version 1.3

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Icaros Desktop
Icaros Desktop

It took a little longer than originally planned, but the new version of Icaros Desktop is now online. We’ve done all our best to make it better than before, with more stable system files and better polishing of all parts. Many little glitches of the past have been removed, many applications have changed place, AmiStart menu are now faster to load also in “full” mode and the look & feel of the operating system should be the best so far.

We have changed the way AmiBridge and LUPD work, introduced a new preference tool for Icaros Services (no more ugly script), made integration of M68K application easy, enhanced 3D support, extended screen dragging to VESA modes, chosen with care the best games we could include and re-compiled most of them to use the latest SDL libraries. This is true also for emulators, and thanks to Yannick Erb we have also a little ‘exclusive’: the FCE Ultra emulator for Nintendo NES.

As usual, I’d like to thank all the people who helped me: Neil, Deadwood, Yannick, Niko, Steve, Luke and everyone who downloaded the internal betas, tested them, and spotted the bugs I could not notice alone. They also helped me providing fresher and fixed binaries, and in a few words they made Icaros Desktop 1.3 a reality. We really hope you’ll enjoy our distribution, try it on your PC and maybe install it onto a spare, compatible machine, to use it everyday.

Read More at Icarosdesktop.org

Kenwood Japan Announces New Music Player

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Media Keg MG G608
Media Keg MG G608

Kenwood is making portable music players, too. The company announced [JP] the so-called Media Keg MG-G608 for the Japanese market today, the newest addition to their Media Keg series of DAPs.

The device has the following features:

  • 8GB internal memory
  • formats supported: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, JPEG, BMP
  • Bluetooth Ver.2.0 + EDR
  • USB 2.0 port
  • microSD card slot
  • bilingual UI
  • W46.5×H98.5×D13.5mm, weight: 55g
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 support

Kenwood plans to start selling the Media Keg MG-G608 in Japan next month for $183.

Article Source: Crunch Gear

Pizza Box DIY Laptop Is The Cutting Edge Of Innovation

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And might just as well end up thrown in the trash if the owner isn’t careful and leaves it in a corner, unused. To think this clever DIY build is supposed to deter thieves. Kinda foolish, since the thieves could just as well steal the hardware embedded/crammed together inside once they’ve seen through the ruse. Also, forget about this being any-proof. It will probably cease to function after getting bumped a lot on a bus ride.

Pizza Box Laptop
Pizza Box Laptop

Still, seeing incredible projects like this reaffirms our faith in the indomitable spirit of scientific adventurism. It also makes us drool for pizza. Six cheeses, mmmmmm.

Here’s a question for the fans reading this: What pizza would you like to eat right now? As in RIGHT NOW?

If Thomas Edison ever laid eyes on this, he’d dropkick himself in the face.

Source Geeky Gadgets

Malware on the Mac: is there cause for concern?

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Mac Malware
Mac Malware

Malware on the Mac: is it mostly hype or a real problem faced by real people? If you ask John Gruber, the answer might be the former—there are lots of proof-of-concept scenarios and virtually none that manifest themselves beyond a slow news day. If you ask Ed Bott, however, the answer would be the latter—he recently interviewed an AppleCare employee who claimed that the recent release of fake antivirus app “MAC Defender” has caused a spike in malware reports among Mac users.

The truth is hard to tease out. Partly because Mac OS X still makes up a comparatively small percentage of the global OS market share, and partly because Apple itself is a secretive company, it’s not easy to find out whether malware on the Mac is indeed becoming more common, or it’s simply being reported on more often.

Still, we tried to do exactly that. Ars spoke with 14 different Mac support specialists—including several Apple Store Geniuses—in order to get a handle on whether things have changed when it comes to dealing with malware. Their experiences are all over the map, but the general consensus does seem to lean towards a low amount of malware problems—until you get to the Geniuses.

Not an epidemic?

Many third-party Mac support specialists told us that they had not seen a noticeable spike in malware issues on the Mac recently.

“The majority of Mac users I support are somewhat technical, but even the ones that aren’t have been trained (by me) to be paranoid and come running to me if they’re not sure about something,” longtime Ars forum member Comp Guru, also known as Sean Murphy, told Ars. “MAC Defender is just like ‘Security Center 2011’ that plagues the Windows 7 users in my office, and a few have actually installed it. One came very close to paying the $85 to make the ‘infections’ and ‘drive errors’ go away. Luckily she came to me first and I removed it with Malwarebytes. On the Mac side I’m glad it’s an easy-to-remove application if someone does happen to install it.”

Source: Read more at Arstechnica